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Valeria Generalova

theoretical / computational linguist

I am a PhD student at the Heinrich Heine University of Dusseldorf and a member of the TreeGraSP project funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant awarded to Prof. Laura Kallmeyer.

In my thesis, I explore derived three-argument constructions in a typological perspective. In simple words, I look how a third argument can be added to a transitive clause and what does it tell about the argument structure patterns. The theoretical background for my analysis is Role and Reference Grammar (its creator Prof. Robert D. Van Valin being the co-supervisor of my thesis). I tend to contribute to the development of RRG, namely, to add precision in the Linking Algorithm. The computatiional outcome of my thesis is a formalisation of the RRG reasoning (inspired by works of my supervisor Prof. Laura Kallmeyer and my advisor Dr. Rainer Osswald) in a form of the metagrammar written in the XMG language. Feel free to visit the Research page of this website to read what I actually do.

I am delighted to welcome you on my website! Please, make yourself familiar with it and do not hesitate to contact me in case of need. Attention: this website has not been designed for small devices. You might get best experience with it on a full-size laptop or desktop screen.

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Hi, I'm Valeria, nice to meet you! My name is stressed on the second syllable and my pronouns are "she/her".